Mugnai di Napoli presented a dedicated line of Flours for Pastry and Confectionery products : each product have its Flour, all very balanced and constant, with great flexibility.

The collaboration with the best Master Pastry of Campania, Mugnai di Napoli  gave birth to the ideal Flours  for producing any Pastry product such as , shortbread , biscuits , sponge cake , cakes, , croissants , puff pastry , panettone  and much more.

With Flour of Mugnai di Napoli  you can create the best dishes of our tradition Campania : Baba’, Pastiera , Zeppole,Sfogliatelle and puffs Riccie.

Mixtures of excellence obtained with selected raw materials, precious and easy to use, like the Flour obtained from Manitoba wheat.

The main feature of the Manitoba Flour is that its strength , combined with high presence of proteins and to the remarkable power of water absorption , making it suitable for more complex processing , especially for the preparation of confectionery products leavened.